Monday, August 18, 2014

9 Star Ki Seminar at the Strengthening Health Institute

This past weekend Akiko and I had a lovely time assisting Susan Waxman in the kitchen at the Strengthening Health Institute for the Advanced Training Seminar on 9 Star Ki.  We learned a lot working with her and got some serious vegetable cutting practice in.  We were also able to sit in on most of Denny Waxman's excellent lectures, getting more acquainted with the applications of 9 Star Ki, which is an amazingly accurate astrological system that ties together many different eastern philosophies.  Some photos of the weekend:

All set up, organized, and ready to cut veggies:

Akiko chopping scallions for the miso soup.  

We made some shoyu pickles, but won't get to try them until we go back next time.
Fermentation + time and patience = delicious!

The master chef at work.

Putting the love into the dish.  

 Plating it up.

Lunch on the second day of the Seminar:
Miso Soup (not pictured)
Boiled Brown Rice with Bulgur garnished with Shiso Powder and Pine Nuts
Chickpea Salad
Fresh Salad with Tofu Cheese and Fresh Peaches
Fresh Cantaloupe
Pressed Salad with Kimchi (behind the Cantaloupe)

Good ki in the kitchen.

One of the 9 Ki lectures:

The majority of the group:  

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