Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Kushi Institue Summer Conference

I just returned from an inspiring week at the Kushi Institute Summer Conference in Becket, MA.  I was there with friend and bassist Thomas Morgan.  We played a few sets of music and attended lectures and cooking classes.   I met a lot of people, ate a lot of good food, and learned a lot information.  The fresh air of the Berkshire's didn't hurt either.  My perspective was broadened and many internal connections between philosophy and life were made.  I will be sharing some of those discoveries in due time.  I also had the pleasure of meeting Michio Kushi himself!

The garden at the Kushi Institute

A typical meal

Denny Waxman's Palmistry Class

Another Meal

Claire Johnson (creator of Food Everyday, Everyday Food) in action.
I think you can see every meal served on her blog!

Kushi Institute Campus

Alex Jack's I-Ching class

Rod House's Macrobiotics and Art Class

The unbelievably calm cooking teacher Chris Jenkins' pizza class. 

Lino Stanchich chewing breakfast  

Lino laughing.  Part of his pre-meal ritual.  

 Owner of Berkshire Mountain Bakery, the master Richard Bourdon

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