Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Susan and Sasaki: Day 16 and 17 Assisting Mom

Cooking has always been a big part of my life.  Growing up, my mom was a cook at several Japanese restaurants.  My sister and I didn't have a babysitter, so we tagged along and sat in the corner of the restaurant until we finished our homework.  If we finished our homework early, we often helped clear tables, set tables, washed dishes, and assisted my mom.  We sound like perfect little angels, don't we?  Nope, we caused trouble too....like mixing wasabi and green tea ice cream together and served it to people (people we knew).

But the most memorable part of growing up in restaurants was watching my mom cook and assisting her.  She's a good cook!  My mom always talked me through what she was cooking.  That's how I learned to cook at a young age. As a teenager, while most teens were out partying, I was usually making curry dishes, gyoza dumplings, fried udon, and sushi rolls for my friends.  I loved throwing dinner parties and I still do.

Yesterday I made Tempura and sushi!  The best combo ever! Two dishes I learned from my mom at a young age, but I continue working at mastering the macro version.  I made Susan's simmered tofu into sushi rolls yesterday. Tasty!

I didn't cook today.  We had so much leftovers to eat up.  But tomorrow I have big plans for cooking!

54 recipes from "The Complete Macrobiotic Diet," book down, 28 more to go!

Simmered Tofu (p. 324) made into Sushi Rolls
Kimchi and Peanut Butter Sushi Rolls (sounds weird, but it's so good!)
Quick Umeboshi Vinegar Pickels (p.351)
Carrot Green, Kabocha, and Sweet Potato Tempura (my recipe)

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