Saturday, February 21, 2015

Susan and Sasaki: Day 20 Meal Planning

Jesse and I sit down every Sunday evening to create the week's meal plan and to schedule who will cook each meal.  It's not always an easy task.  It takes time, thought, and energy.  Actually, there are times when we get really aggravated and we can't wait to get it over with.   But let me tell you, having the menu planned makes a huge difference.  It may be difficult for that one hour on Sunday evening, but it makes the rest of the week a breeze.  We go grocery shopping once a week and we know exactly what we need to buy.  We don't buy anything that is not necessary, nothing ever goes to waste.   We always know exactly what we're cooking.  No more standing in front of the fridge wondering, "what should I make today?"   In the evening before bed, we simply check the menu to see if we need to soak any grains or beans for the next day - it's very helpful if you like using dried beans, which we do most of the time.  And the main point of doing it is to be sure to create balance and variety in our meals.  When looking at a weekly calendar, it's easier to see the overall picture - easier to be sure that we're having a grain dish and at least one separate vegetable dish in every meal and get plenty of bean dishes in the week, and easier to make sure we're not forgetting anything or eating too much of the same dishes over and over again.   

Yes, we are organized people, but we were not like this a few years ago.  It's something we've learned to do.  We found that creating a meal plan made our schedules easier, our moods better, and it also helps us eat more variety and balanced meals.  That one hour of meal planning saves us a lot of time and energy throughout the week  I highly recommend it!   

63 recipes from "The Complete Macrobiotic Diet" down, 19 ore to go!

Split Pea Soup (p.303)

 Marinated Tofu (p.323) Sandwich

Sweet Dream of Green Juice (p.373)

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