Saturday, February 21, 2015

Susan and Sasaki: Day 21 Fun Activity!

It's been a cold, but fun month.  Aside from this project, I've been active with my hobbies and have been spending a lot of time outdoors.   

Today, I spent the afternoon taking a nice long walk in Fort Tryon Park.  I walked around enjoying the snow and taking photographs of the beautiful park.  Here's a photo of the Hudson River.  

A couple weeks ago I found myself at Fort Tilden Beach on a cold Sunday afternoon running and playing chase with Minnie (the pooch). 

And I've been dancing!  I've been swing dancing a couple times every week.  I feel so energized and so happy when I'm on the dance floor!  Oh what fun it has been!  I forget about all my problems and come back home feeling strong and recharged to face work and the challenges that life brings.  

Everyone is busy these days.  It's easy to say that you don't have time for hobbies or taking a walk outside.  But I've found for myself that a hobby and playful activity really helps me enjoy life and enjoy work.  

66 recipes from "The Complete Macrobiotic Diet" down, 16 more to go!  

Farro with White Beans and Kale (p.285)
Mediterranean Sautéed Vegetables (p.335)
Boiled Daikon (not from the book, but something I learned at SHI)

Baked Apples (p.364)

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