Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Susan and Sasaki: Day 3 Mindful Cooking

Today I completed 6 recipes from "The Complete Macrobiotic Diet!"  That means so far I have 11 recipes down, 71 more to go!

Today's meals consisted of more traditional macrobiotic dishes.  I make these dishes often enough that I don't need to follow recipes, but because of this project I decided to read Susan's recipes carefully, as if I have never cooked them before.  I didn't notice anything different from how I normally prepare them (I learned how to cook these dishes from Susan herself), but somehow the food turned out better.   I think my excitement for this project has brought more mindfulness and love into my cooking.  I admit, I'm normally so darn busy and stressed out about work that my mind is not always present when I cook.  So let this be a lesson folks...Let your mind be present when you cook and eat!  Enjoy cooking for your health!   

So here are the dishes I made today!

Steel Cut Oats (p.265)

 Steamed Greens (p.337)

Asian Style Mustard Greens (p.343)
Arame with Sweet Vegetables (p.329)
Brown Rice & Sweet Brown Rice with Azuki Beans (This is not from the book, but it is a dish I learned from Susan)

 Daikon and Dried Shiitake Miso Soup (p.297) 

 Mid-Afternoon Snack:
Carrot Apple Juice (p.370)

Leftovers from yesterday!

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