Thursday, February 5, 2015

Susan and Sasaki: Day 5 Pure Joy of Cooking

Hello readers!  I completed 6 more recipes today.  23 down, 59 more to go!

Before I go on with introducing what I cooked today, I want to clear up some possible confusion...To you readers who are not familiar with macrobiotics and have not read Denny and Susan Waxman's book, "The Complete Macrobiotic Diet," I want to be clear on what my project is about.  It might sound as if I'm on a diet plan, which isn't the case.  I'm not cooking every single recipe to lose weight, or cleanse or anything, although I've found the project to be a kind of mental cleanse, or a refocusing.  I am cooking every recipe in this book for the pure joy of cooking, to improve my cooking, and to learn new recipes.  I chose to do this all in one month because I work best when there is a time frame, a fun challenge. 

Macrobiotics is about being in tune with your body and environment.  We analyze and make adjustments to our lifestyle, activities, and meals so that we can be energetic, focused, and happy.  So in my past posts, I mentioned having to "balancing my condition."  To be clear, I do not have any illnesses.  When I use the word "condition", I'm referring to my current state (as in do I feel tired, stressed, moody, lazy, etc.). 

I hope I've cleared things up for some of you.  

So this is a fun project!  I've always loved cooking since I was very young.  I've followed many recipes in my life, but this time it's super exciting because I know the chef.  I can imagine how she chops her vegetables, I can hear her voice describing how to cook these dishes.  It's been fun and I'm eager to cook more.  I wish I could cook all day. 

Here's today's meal!
Soft Millet (p.267)

Water Sautéed Vegetables (the recipe is not in book, but I learned it at the SHI with Susan)

Basic Miso Soup (p.296)

Vegetable Fried Rice (p.274)
Nishime Vegetables (p.327)
Quick Sautéed Leafy Greens (p.342)

Mid-Afternoon snack:
Green Twist (p.375)

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