Friday, October 23, 2015

Look who's back!

Hello Foodie Friends!

Greetings from Beacon, NY!

The chef is back from a long hiatus from blogging!  Jesse and I had quite an adventure this spring and summer. We left our Brooklyn apartment this spring and wandered throughout the New England area until we were able to move into a permanent home.  We are so thankful to our friends, neighbors, and colleagues for their support and help.  I am touched by the amazing community of friends we've built these past 13 years in New York City.  Thank you!

All this moving didn't stop me from cooking!  Below are a few dishes that I cooked throughout my journey!  And now that we are settled...get ready for some food projects!  Please fill in your email address at the top right of this page to follow the blog.

May/June: Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn!  I loved the farmers market in Carroll Gardens!  They had shiso there!

 Shiso Pesto and Salad

June: Ditmas Park, Brooklyn.  The perfect dish for a hot summer day...

Hiyashi Chuka Soba and Vegetable Soup

June: Philadelphia, PA.  I had the pleasure of assisting Susan Waxman at the Strengthening Health Institute!

Strawberry Mouse Kanten made with Susan Waxman

June/July: Danbury, New Hampshire.  It was so nice to eat outside everyday at this beautiful place!   

Leek Pasta, Kale Salad, and Cauliflower Soup

July: Hudson, NY.   I picked fresh wild blackberries everyday!

July/August: Randolph, Vermont.  Dorm life at the Lyra Summer Music Workshop. I didn't have access to a kitchen, so I got creative with a water boiler and rice cooker!

Natto Pasta and Steamed Collard Greens

August: Beacon, NY.  The final destination! It feels good to have a home!  We recently got a new stove, which means the bread baker is back too!  In celebration... pizza night!

Sourdough Crust with home-made Tomato Sauce, Kale, Black Olives, and Tofu Cheese

These are the people that opened up their homes to us, helped us find a place to live, dog sat, worm sat, plant sat, helped us move, helped us renovate, and helped us continue to have fun even when times were tough! Thank you to Aki Sasaki, Hiroko Sasaki, Pat Stacken, Bob Stacken, Nina Lee, Windsor Cousins, Miranda Sielaff, Jacob Sacks, Michael Landy, Shellee Colen, Vanyah Herring, Sara Heaton, Justin Keller, George Heaton, Carla Heaton, Josh Rutner, Jennifer Rutner, Lauren Sperber, Lynn Angelo, Paula Scully, Mary Prescott, Mary Kay Seery, Beth Barraclough, Lisa Landau, Daniel Kummer, Daniel Feldman, Zoe Feldman, Lori Lasson, Michiko Sasaki, Erik Jue, Yoon Choi, Lio Pezza, Carlo Costa, Christine Tsai, and to all my Brooklyn friends, neighbors, and students!  You guys are awesome!  Thanks so much!