Sunday, November 15, 2015

Cook with Me: Week 3

Wow, thanks to all the participants in the "Cook with Me" project!  It's been so much fun and so inspiring to see all your dishes.  For those of you new to the cooking project, join in whenever you want.  Each Sunday I will post an ingredient and all you have to do is cook a dish with that ingredient and send in a photo.  For more information on the cooking activity, visit  "Cook with Me" 

Here we go with "Cook with Me" week 3!  Get your creative minds working and let's cook!  This week's ingredient is...(drum roll)....LEEK!


And below are the results of Cook with Me week 2 with Azuki Beans!  

Sweet Azuki Bean with Mochi by Hyang-Mi Lee from Philadelphia

Azuki Bean Kanten with Dried Apricots by Elizabeth Balabayev from Pennsylvania 

 Brown Rice with Azuki Beans and Sautéed Onions by Jesse Stacken from Beacon, NY 

Azuki Bean Salad by Jon Garberg and Quimetta Perle from Brooklyn, NY

Azuki Bean Soup by Miranda Sielaff from Brooklyn, NY

Azuki Beans with Buttercup Squash by Gina Compello from Philadelphia, PA

And Azuki Hummus by yours truly, Akiko

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