Sunday, November 1, 2015

Cook with Me: Project!

Hey Hey!

Here's my next project!  I need all of your participation to make this fun!

So here it is...

Cook with Me 2015.
For the month of November each week let's cook one dish together!

Every Sunday, starting today (Nov. 1st), I will announce an ingredient.  It will be a general ingredient that we all know.  For example, this week...Pumpkin!  Cook a dish with pumpkin as a main ingredient! You can cook it any day this coming week.  Take a photo of your dish and post it on the Peaceful Plates Facebook Page sometime before next Sunday.  On Sunday I'll post all your photos on my blog, along with the new ingredient announcement. We can all see each others dishes and hopefully this will help us get creative and motivated to cook!

Let's cook for whole foods and home cooked meals!  I think this will be fun!  So...what do you think?  Who's in?

Ready...Set...GO!   PUMPKIN!

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