Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Eat a balanced meal!

Hello food fans,

What a crazy week it's been.   Fundraising is no joke!  It's a full time job!  That on top of having my normal work hours and having to practice for a concert I have this Friday-- this girl is on little sleep!  But I'm still full of energy!!!!

The Kickstarter Fundraising Campaign for the Peaceful Plates Around the World project is only going on for 6 more days!  It need help folks!  View this cooking project and support here.  Share it with your friends!  Don't wait to donate any longer!  Together we can make this happen!  

With so much chaos here, I sometimes surprise myself with how much energy I have.  The well balanced meals must help!  I did cook a few meals this week, but I'm lucky to have a husband who has taken over most of the cooking while this campaign runs!  

Wish me luck!  6 days to go!   Support the Peaceful Plates Around the World!  

Ginger Sesame Pasta
Azuki Bean and Butternut Squash Soup

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