Friday, December 11, 2015

Support Peaceful Plates Around the World

Hello friends,

Thanks for following my journey as I try to bring Peaceful Plates Around the World to life.  There had been an outpouring of interest and so many kind words of support.  I've never been approached by so many people from all over the world sending me words of encouragement!  I'm excited to announce that Dan Buettner, author of the Blue Zones book tweeted about my project!

What an honor to have the endorsement by a person who is high on my list of most inspirational people!  The Blue Zones is a fantastic book!  You gotta read it!    

Although the words of support have been wonderful, the fundraising portion has been slow!  I see the video has been spreading, making it's way around to many people around the world.  Is been getting a lot of views, shares, and likes.  But as always, in every fundraising campaign, it's difficult getting the actual funding!  As of now I need to raise about $1,000 a day in the next 11 days to make this project come to life.  I haven't given up hope, as I know a lot can happen each day.  As most of you know Kickstarter is an all or nothing deal.  If I don't meet my fundraising goal, donations will not be processed, I will not receive any funds, and I will sadly not launch the project.   I announced this project knowing there is a 50/50 chance.  If you know me, I'm the type of person that takes risks when I know it doesn't hurt to try!  

If you are reading this post and believe in this project, I would be so grateful if you can contribute today! Any amount will get me one step closer and it will reassure me that there is still a chance!  

Support HERE

I would also be forever grateful if you can help me reach out to people who would be willing to support!  

Here are other ways you can help:
1. Share my project with your family and friends
2. Share my project on your social media posts or FB groups, etc. 
3. Share my project to blogs, newsletters, media
4. Connect me to organizations and businesses that may be interested in supporting the project.
5. Join and invite friends to the Peaceful Plates Around the World Kickstarter Events page on FB     
It's a small world folks!  Global culture is emerging and unique traditional ways of life are vanishing fast!  One of the goals of Peaceful Plates Around the World is to document the traditional cooking practices of these unique cultures while they're still around.  

Help me bring Peaceful Plates Around the World to life! Please don't wait much longer.  The clock is ticking!  Any amount is greatly appreciated $10, $25, $50, $100, $1000.  Give what you can, DONATE TODAY!  

Please take a look at the Peaceful Plates Around the World project and support today!  

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