Friday, January 1, 2016

Vegan/Macro Challenge! Day 1

Hello friends!
Happy New Year!  2015 was a year full of so many big surprises and challenges but some of the best things have come out of all of this!  I am so grateful for the things I've learned, the people I've met, and the direction my life is headed.  I'm so excited for 2016!
First, I want to thank all the people who supported me throughout my Kickstarter campaign!  I'm here to announce that I was not able to reach my fundraising goal for the Peaceful Plates Around the World.  There were so many challenges and curveballs that came along the way, all were out of my control, both fortunate and unfortunate, but I feel a tremendous amount of gratitude. I think a lot came out of this. I've gained so much from this whole experience. I reconnected with old friends and made new friends, and my project was recognized by many wonderful inspirational leaders that I respect. Most importantly I believe just the introduction of the project alone helped to bring awareness to the food and environmental movement. I feel blessed to have had 143 monetary backers and several hundred other people sending in words of support! It was all a bit overwhelming. 
Today, I'm here to share with you my next food adventure.  Through my fundraiser, I had the honor of connecting with a wonderful artist, who is also an amazing macro/vegan chef, Jillian.  What an inspiring lady!  Although I have never met her in person, her messages have been full of warmth.  She has a beautiful spirit that brings me happiness and motivates me to cook!  You should check out her beautiful blog.  She shares many recipes that I'm so excited to try! 
Jillian launched a vegan/macro cooking challenge that many people are participating in on Facebook.  Cooking...and...challenge...this is right up my alley!  I'm so excited to participate!   I really love the idea of this activity because it builds a community, inspires one to cook and learn from others...a perfect way to start 2016!  There are a few days I already know I will not be able to cook due to my work schedule, but that will not stop me from participating.  You have to take advantage of all that you can learn from opportunities like these!  Let's do it! Woohoo!
So here we go...DAY 1 of the Vegan/Macro Challenge:
Miso Soup with Shitake, Daikon, Leek
Millet with Corn
Quick Steamed Kale

Udon with Sautéed Vegetables, and Baked Tofu Cutlet
Roasted Barley Tea

Carrot Juice

Azuki Bean Soup with Sweet Vegetables
Brown Rice
Steamed Broccoli
Umeboshi Pickle

Apples cooked in Juice with Toasted Walnuts and Cinnamon

Wishing you and your family a healthy and Happy New Year!
Much love, Akiko


  1. Hi Akiko...are there recipes that accompany these menus? Food looks amazing! :) Thanks...

  2. Hi Mark! There are recipes to some! They were posted on Vegan/Macro Challenge Facebook events page. But I'll add the recipe links to my blog tomorrow!

    1. Great! Thanks SO much! I'm inspired!! :)